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Superintendent’s Welcome

Greetings Braggs Public Schools Community,

It is my duty and my pleasure to serve you during one of the most historic and dynamic times of this schools celebrated history. Our staff provides a caring and compassionate environment where the best interest of the kids will always come first. This year the district has committed substantial financial resources toward technology so that we can reach every child where they are, whether through traditional or virtual school, and provide every student with a means of thriving in an ever-changing world. In this highly technological world the rate of change is so accelerated that the learning of mere facts will prove insufficient to deal with an ever changing society. Therefore, we will provide a challenging and relevant curriculum to provide our students with the best educational opportunities possible. We will provide every opportunity for each student to develop mentally, physically, morally, and socially. It is important now more than ever for the school and community to cooperate fully to maximize the potential and reap the full benefit for the children. Please feel free to contact me anytime and as always GO WILDCATS!!!!

John Pinkston
​Braggs Superintendent of Schools

Our Philosophy


The Braggs School System is striving to provide its students with the best educational opportunities possible. It is the board’s goal to provide students with the means for coping with our ever-changing world.


Our History


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